Maugers Property offers
Christchurch’s leading
agri-business and industrial
development portfolio.

1. Maugers Business Centre

2. Hillsborough

3. Innovation Park

4. Hillsborough

Maugers Property provide an extensive portfolio of commercial, industrial and agri-business leasing options throughout Christchurch.

Innovation Park, located in Templeton, is Canterbury's leading Agri-Business Hub. With its campus-like design and beautiful rural setting, Innovation Park offers a unique place for like minded agricultural businesses to come together.


Hillsborough is a popular industrial area which has experienced significant development in recent times due to its desirable locality, being just six kilometres from Central Christchurch and five kilometres from Lyttelton. This position between the South Island’s largest port and its largest city offers a strategic advantage to many businesses situated here. Workers in the area are also well-served with food and drink options, with local cafés and The Tannery arcade just a short drive away.

Innovation Park

Innovation Park was built upon a belief that to achieve great things people need a great environment to work in. Surrounded by mature trees and vast green spaces, the campus-like setting was designed to foster creative thinking and ground-breaking enterprise in agriculture. Research and development ventures work alongside a host of rural-based companies, collaborating on projects and establishing a powerful network of complementary businesses, while employees are inspired to explore new ideas and possibilities whilst enjoying a host of outstanding amenities.