Contracting Division

Maugers Contracting was formed in 1974. In the early days, the majority of our work was in small subdivisions and general contracting work.  As the years have progressed, so has our company and we are now involved in large subdivisions and joint ventures in the greater Christchurch metropolitan area and outer suburbs.  We have also expanded into services such as; green/wood waste recycling, concrete supply, screened soil supply, and pile driving.

Maintaining a stable work force is important to us. With a majority of our staff being employed by us for 10 years or more, one member being employed by the Maugers Group for over 50 years.

With the combination of loyal, experienced staff and modern, versatile machinery we are proud to provide efficiency and a finished product to the highest standards.

Screened soil

We supply various types
of screened soils for
many applications.